About Kickstart

Hi, we’re Jenn and Mac.

We started Kickstart back in March 2020, shortly after shelter in place started in San Francisco. We saw a magical moment happening in fitness. All of a sudden everyone’s fitness habits were getting a reset. It was like our entire city was given a permission slip to be beginners again, and try things for the very first time.

Problem was, there was no single source of information to learn how to do things as an adult -  like run or bike. There were also safety concerns. It was also hard to navigate the world of online workouts, and how to set up  home “gym” - especially on a budget and with limited access to gear.

We envisioned Kickstart as a non-commercial place for everyone - inspired by the things we wished existed when we were starting out. With resources that were fun, simple, inspiring, and accessible no matter your age, skill, or income level.

It was not long ago that Mac and I were total beginners at the activities we love (running, cycling and strength training). They hold a special place in our hearts because they completely changed us as people — and our lives — for the better. We both lost weight (Jenn 40 pounds, Mac 80 pounds) through running and cycling, and everything we did leading up to them.
All those essential early steps are usually the hardest to take, and also the hardest to get help on. Like navigating a running shoe store or bike shop for the very first time. Those steps are mapped out on this site.

In easy to follow 7-day guides, we share the very first steps we took, the questions we found answers to, and the incredible communities of people who helped us along the way.

This is an experiment and you’re part of it.

This project is a work in progress -- and that’s where you come in. We’ve launched with a few basic guides to help people get started in the easiest, most popular activities out there. We hope this guide becomes truly open-source, where people everywhere contribute their first steps into a new sport so others might follow. We also welcome suggestions for inspiring people to feature and interview in our “Stories” section.

New activities coming soon:
Surfing (so hard to get started!)
Rock climbing
Skiing / snowboarding

New skill levels coming soon:
Recently recovered from an injury
Currently recovering from an injury
Differently-abled beginner

New age levels coming soon:
Ages 60-70
Ages 70-80

Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

We help you get started doing a fitness activity for the very first time. If you know what you want to do — like running, cycling, strength, or hiking — we have guides to help you get started from square one. If you aren’t sure what activity is a good fit for you, you can answer a few questions and we’ll recommend one.

The quick start guides have 1 new activity you can try every day. Once you do that activity, you can check off a box to mark it as done or you can skip ahead. By day 7, you will have mastered the basic knowledge and skills to feel comfortable doing the thing.

For example, to get started biking, we help you get on a bike before buying one. We help you navigate a bike shop and feel comfortable test-driving bikes and talking to the employees. We also help connect you with classes to help you feel comfortable riding a bike around a city, and friendly groups of people to go for rides with. Finally, we show you the apps we use every day, the playlists and pump up jams we rock out to, and all our favorite trails and roads that we go back to over and over again.

Once you finish your 7-day starter kit, you can either start a new activity from scratch or go up a level in the same activity you started.

To keep you inspired, we’ve collected some of our favorite books, articles, podcasts, and videos on each activity. We also dive into the topic of motivation, why it’s so hard to get started, and how to identify and overcome the obstacles that get in the way to doing new things.


We encourage people to share when they have completed a workout. Sharing photos and comments helps everyone feel like they are in it together. We have a Slack channel and Facebook group where you can support others in getting their workouts done and congratulating folks when they have.


We have a handful of different programs to choose from. Each employee can select the specific program they would like to workout to or an office can decide to have everyone do the same program. Each program is 7 days. In the future, they will roll into 30-day follow on programs to immerse further into the activity. You can change your program any time.

What if I miss a workout?

No worries at all! The platform tracks where you left off so you can pick up from where you  were. You can move through the  program at your own pace. You can also do multiple programs at the same time.