Day 6

Getting the right gear

A few rides in, you might be thinking "should my... sit bones... feel like this?"

We cannot stress how gamechanging things like cycling shorts or the right saddle can be while on a bike. Paying a little extra to be comfortable, not chafe, and to not even think about your seat during a ride is a dream come true. And we're not talking about becoming apart of the spandex army—we're talking about treating yourself to the right gear.

We'd recommend you start with shorts or bibs. Another little hint: wear a pair of cycling bibs under a normal t-shirt to gain all of the benefits of the gear while still looking casual as you walk into the post ride cafe. Here's a short list of our favorite brands to look into:

  • PEARL iZUMi offers some affordable Men's and Women's shorts
  • Castelli is a classic. You'll see their scorpion on the back of plenty of riders
  • ornotbike are friends right here in SF, and we haven't worn a thing from them that we don't like
  • Rapha is a favorite. Their cargo bib shorts have pockets, meaning you don't need to wear a jersey with them. Game changing.
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