Day 7

Plan your routes

Your comfortable on your bike, you can take hills and flat roads, and you'll soon be in the right gear. There's one more key thing to get you out on your own adventures: planning them.

Knowing your baseline (how far you can comfortably ride), pick a few destinations that you'd want to go to on a longer ride. They can be a park, a cafe, or a lunch spot. We're going to treat them each as a small break during your ride, so you may be able to go a little further than you think.

There's two ways we like to plan a route:

In the video above, we're going to plan a route together in Strava.

And that's it! You're a cyclist. Congratulations. Now you know all of the basics to get out there confidently and have a good time. It's a great day for a ride.

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