Day 4

Run comfortably for 12 minutes

Focus on your breath to find a pace you could run forever at. A good hack for finding this pace is to hold a conversation while running. Call a friend and talk to them while running - you should be able to comfortably hold a conversation, tell a long story, all while running. If you can’t talk you’re going too fast. If your pace is too fast, it can cause you to feel like you’re kinda dying. You may feel a pain in your stomach or gut that can get really uncomfortable. It’s just cramp and it will go away after 5-10 minutes of walking, but it feels bad. The best way to avoid getting a cramp is to find that pace that you could run forever while holding a conversation. It may be super slow in the beginning, almost like walking. Don’t worry about how fast or slow it is. Just keep going.

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